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This breakthrough programme is for all who wish to acquire practice tools that will minimise stress and enhance their ability to think and act clearly. Are you stressed too much of the time and on edge? Relaxation can be practiced so you find it easier to achieve, like playing the piano or learning tennis. This Practise the Great Habit of Relaxation with Conscious Relaxation kit gives you tools to help you do this. And so you must try them all out and see which works for you when. You can keep using them whenever you wish and as part of a regular well-being self-help programme. There are seven audios in this Practise the Great Habit of Relaxation with Conscious Relaxation programme: R1 Introduction (7 mins) R1 sets the scene and explains why relaxation practice is so beneficial. R2 Three Techniques (10 mins) R2 teaches three simple relaxation techniques for you to practise so they are there for you when you need to be calmer in real-life situations. R3 Priming (8 mins) R3 is short but will extend your capacity to achieve a more relaxed state in your day to day lives. R4 Anchoring (9 mins) R4 teaches a method that connects calm feelings to the physical. R5 Progressive Muscle Relaxation (12 mins) R5 is a slightly longer body scan practice - a classic of its type. R6 Breathing Meditation (16 mins) R6 is designed to enhance your capacity to breathe in a relaxing way whenever you need to. R7 Anxiety Control (21 mins) R7 focuses on anxious feelings and how to use them and control them in the right kind of way. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Andrew Richardson. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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